height: 5'9"
Weight: 272 lbs
Measurements: 42-41-43 in
Shoe Size: 10
Hair Color: Black and white
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Light brown
Ethnicity: Caraibean canadian
Skin Color: Brown mixed with orange
Experience: Many Experiences
Compensation: Paid Assignments Only
Informations: http://www.istudio.com/marieclaudemelissa



I have a tattoo on my left shoulder. I have 5 holes in my left ear. I have 4 holes in the right ear. I have a bracelet white gold, yellow and pink on the right wrist. I have beautiful teeth, a beautiful ebony skin, beautiful hands, a very proportionate weight, I have average size of bones. I have reflections of brown, blue sea, green, light brown in my eyes naturally depending on the temperature or/and the decoration. I have beautiful full lips, I have a good attitude, I'm nice. People say I'm an excellent work partner. I took courses of filming and photo productions when I was in high school with my classmates…I was particurlarly curious to learn in this field and it has being a very memorable experience. Several other small workshops as been added to my curriculum. They all have a close relation with the ''well-being great'' (an expression I created) and this can really help people living personal development experiences that I qualified very exciting and positive.


Complementary talents

Photos in differents local newspapers, winner in competitions, being an extra, being photographed, singer in a choir, involvment in many arts and education matters, basket ball player in high school, not shy in front of a camera.

Level of experience



Here is my experience in public, on television, in newspapers, in movies as an extra, photographed, and this is my involvement in my neighborhood also with people located in my community and their neighborhood.

At the age of 8 years old, after school I chose ballet jazz lessons.

At age of eleven years old (11), I sent my draw on a TV show called ‘’Bibi et Geneviève’’ and I was selected to appear in the TV series ‘’Télé Québec’’ named before ‘’Radio Québec’’.

I used to play basketball in 1992 and we won the prize in the city of ‘’Laval in the area of Sainte-Dorothée’’ as the youngest (benjamin) basket ball girls’s team.

I received a prize for the competition ‘’Raymond Blais’’ of the financial institution ‘’Caisses Desjardins’’ for my personal project written:'' Mary See Écrits Research Center of Writing.'' All winners of this award were photographed and our picture was published in the local newspaper in march 2009.

I have already been part of a workshop in 1997 in the Journal of ‘’Rivières-des-Prairies’’ (East of Montreal) as a positive leader.

I have been to the international summer school in the city of Sherbrooke in Quebec. We were chosen by a committee and 6 individuals from Montreal had to work on a personal project during two weeks. My team won the award:'' Hearbeat'' for the project ‘’Fisherman's dream’’ in the year 2003.

I won many rewards and certificates from school for my attendance, my excellent work, my efforts my respect to each others, normally punctual.

I won in 2003, from a web site a certificate from ‘’www.poetry.com'' for the best poets was sent to my mail box. I wrote these nice lyrics during the year of 2003.

I received a wooden plaque, a diploma, saying I had written an excellent poem on the poetry site.

I have a dynamic personality, I am respectful and I have a good attitude on a movie set.

I have experience in photo, I took part in auditions as an extra in the movie:'' The Sum of All Fears'' with Ben Affleck. I also participated in a shooting in the early 2000s with the artist LL Cool J. I had an offer to work with a producer in a small french production that would be broadcasted in France. This person has worked closely with former supermodel Cindy Crawford. I took a dance class at secondary school and my friends were applausing when I arrived on the scene. The name of my danse teacher is Dominique Paquin. She is the legitimate sister of Patricia Paquin host in television series and radio in Quebec. I attended practices of singing as a chorist in a church in Montreal a few years ago. During two four years. I took private singing lessons with my singing teacher Jennifer Meade, she graduated from McGill University in the field of singing and very well known in the community as a vocalist. Our group had sang several shows at events for people of the Montreal community dedicated to young, teenagers, adults and relatives.

I've been accepted to become a plus size model in the U.S. on the website: www.modelsearchamerica.com

People always asking me if I'm a plus size model. I've already received an offer to work with Queen Latifah in a casting role from an agency in Montreal. I want to be called on the right timing. I have often encouraged young talent in the events of promoting albums, shows, dancing, singing schools, mariages, talent shows, museums, movies, movie theatre and sociocultural events.

I know how to be photogenic.
I have selfconfidence.
I want to learn this profession.


Fields of interest

Photos, videos, internet, movies, television, magazines, advertising


Portrait, fashion, sport (dressed), casual, swimwear, lingerie, glamour


Conditions in exchange

Photo sharing in exchange for work (TFCD).

Wishes to be paid only.

Wants a photo sharing as well as being paid.

Ready (e) to discuss the proposals.

Areas of displacement

Canada, United States of America and all over the world.

Desired work

Photos as a model for the plus size department stores.

Melissa has being an extra for many years now. She is on the position in her life where she'd like filming and acting on a higher level and "I want to gain the first role" she says. She knows she can do it. The casting directors who she met, told her that Melissa's potential is real. She posseses something special inside of her makes her style different comparing to others.

I want to have the lead to proceed in a role of an americain movie by a well known casting director like Steven Spielberg, or assist and learn how to behave in television series and on the set, or a particular issue but for a long period of time.

Associate my image to a product. (advertising)

Give my opinion, the new report by a news item.

Promote the beauty, makeup, products of all kinds.

Have international contracts in professional photography for an agency known internationally but in long term.